Client Services

Every Recruiter will tell you why they are different and that their search process is client focused. We don’t tell you, we will show you how we are different. We understand that time is a precious commodity that can never be recovered. The time you spend with us demands that we all receive a return on investment. Our four pillars of client focused search are in place to ensure that you have made an informed choice and that we are the right partner for you.

This is how we will work with you in order to forge long term valuable relationships that deliver results.

  • Market Specialization – Each assignment is handled by a tenured search consultant who knows your industry network.

  • Flexibility – our understanding of your financial constraints if any, of your investment in the search process and the complexity of the search.

  • Priority – Understanding the impact this open position is having on your business, setting up timelines and processes that work for you.

  • Agreement – Ensuring we understand what success looks like and that we have a process in place that is agreed upon and ensures your success and ours.

Learn About The Search Process

When working with a search firm it is important to know what their basic search process is. The fact is that a dozen or more search forms can outline a fairly similar process. What matters to you as a client is the “Result” Our process is fairly simple and can be engineered to meet your specific needs. No matter how the processes is agreed upon you can count on us to communicate the feedback from the market and stay in contact as you require.

The Basics…

  • Needs Assessment – reviewing the job description and interviewing the hiring manager ensures that we know what you are looking for and that we communicate it appropriately to the the candidate market.

  • Research – Working with you to identify appropriate source companies and candidates. This is used to build a targeted recruiting plan that will find best in class candidates who are within your budget.

  • Execute / Go to Market – We utilize every resource at our disposal including cold calling to reach the maximum number of candidates who meet or exceed your requirements and then recruit and screen those who evince interest.

  • Presentation and Selection – Each qualified candidate presented will be profiled for cultural “fit” to organization  to ensure you are interviewing candidates you can and want to hire. Providing you want to interview the candidate(s) we will coordinate the meetings to match schedules

  • Preparation – We prepare both the client and the candidate for the first preliminary meeting this is done to ensure that the candidate fully understands the format and topics to be covered in the call. In addition we will ensure you understand why the candidate is interested in the position and what is important to them spo that if both parties choose to move forward they each understand what is needed to come to terms.

  • Feed Back – After you interview we will debrief with you to determine if you want to move forward with the candidate or if we need to refine the search criteria and make changes. At this time we will also share candidate feedback with you.

  • Next Steps – If you choose to move forward we will coordinate additional meetings, if not we will professionally release the candiate. If the candaite chooses not to move forward we will find out why and communicate that to you.

  • References – We obtain references from the candidate and call them to help you and us assess their past performance and ability to both do the job and fit into your culture.  We provide the references to you in written format. We strongly recommend that our clients call and re verify references.

  • Final Selection and Offer Negotiation – It our goal to ensure that the offer you extend in writing will be accepted by the selected candidate. We do this through qualifying candidates throughout the hiring process on compensation, relocation assistance if needed and other requirements such as vacation.  We recommend extending a verbal offer that is accepted prior to a formal written offer letter.

  • Resignation / Start Date – We offer support and assistance to the professionals we work with during the resignation process as well as advice regarding the dangers of the counteroffer.

  • Follow up – We are committed to remaining in contact with you and the candidate after the hire to ensure there is smooth transition.

So if you are ready to experience peak performance call 719.930.7998 or use our Contact Form to send an email.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Our Core Values

Management Recruiters of Colorado Springs places the highest value on our partnerships with professionals and clients. Over the years we have worked with both professionals and clients on a repeat basis. The relationships built on providing great service with the utmost professionalism are invaluable.  We believe that by working with integrity and creativity we can bring value to the people who choose to work with us and whom we choose to work with.

“I have collaborated with Mark on senior-level opportunities. Mark is very thorough and professional in his approach to screening, selecting and presenting candidates. His personal efforts result in presenting the “best of the best” to his clients. He is an experienced professional that works tirelessly to ensure a favorable outcome for all Parties.”

Terrance Kurtz , General Manager, NAES Corporation

“Mark provided solid recruiting results for Dayton Power & Light, and stood out among the crowd for his integrity and responsiveness. He has broad and deep knowledge of the energy industry, and has created a vast network of talent to draw upon. As a ‘second generation’ recruiter, Mark demonstrated an exceptional ability to identify candidates for all of our business units and for multiple staff areas — he was the most versatile recruiter I relied upon for an extended period of time. Mark provided me with a candid and valuable market perspective, and maintained a collaborative approach. I highly recommend Mark to any progressive organization in need of top talent.”

Richard Toronto, Senior OD Consultant at AEP, AEP

“Mark is one of the best search consultants I have ever worked with. Over the past 15 plus years he has worked with me as a true business partner. Whether is is bringing candidates into the process or providing advice on matters with clients his performance is exceptional. He is able to deliver the good news and the bad news with professionalism.  I recommend him without reservation.”

“Mark has excelled in his Business and workings within the Community…”